You are an afternoon breeze Shaking my leaves Each day I grow and grow Just to touch more of you. You are the keeper of the secrets and the stars I am Mama’s Green Earth You invite me to dance in the waves of you So I do. And as I press my hands into … More Zephyr


He wanted me to know that he was damaged. He unwrapped another saltwater taffy and stuck it in his mouth. He rolled it from cheek to cheek with his heavy tongue. Does he like the sugar or the salt? He stared off into the backyard as he sucked on his candy. Until, without warning, he … More Salt



You sang me a lullaby and held my bones The night lightning ripped apart our sky. Then as the thunder roared And I softly slept You left for Oklahoma.   I awoke from my dream so frightened A flood of raindrops filled my head. I searched for your body In the bed that we made But … More Rain


she’s an animal, you know. the minerals in her bones and the blood in her heart have been on this earth for as long as time. in fact she was born from earth, water, fire, and air and she belongs to nothing but them still. her spirit and this planet have a love story longer … More Howl

Creating Space

What has to die so that something else can be born? How do we make the space for our creative selves to thrive? Well, the best place to start is to exhale. Physiologically, your biggest inhale comes after the most complete exhale. So in order to make space for fresh inspiration* (*pun intended) you must … More Creating Space