Creating Space

What has to die so that something else can be born?

How do we make the space for our creative selves to thrive? Well, the best place to start is to exhale. Physiologically, your biggest inhale comes after the most complete exhale. So in order to make space for fresh inspiration* (*pun intended) you must fully exhale everything that does not serve you. Try it with me: empty your lungs counting back slowly from ten. Ten — nine — eight — seven — six — five — four — three — two — one — zero. Now fill your lungs.

When you were at the bottom of that exhale, did you already crave the inhale? Was the inhale not more spontaneous and fulfilling after the uncomfortable feeling at the bottom of your exhale?

In yoga, air, or breath, is called Prana. The life force inside all of us. Space. Ether. Every single thing on earth is connected by air. You can live for quite a while without food or water. But without air there is no life.


So do not hold onto an old mantra if you want to succeed at a new venture. Holding onto who you were or what you had will keep you from being completely present in the current moment. This will, in turn, hold you back from your highest potential no matter where you are headed. Exhale completely and bring your focus to the present. Then inhale all of the fresh opportunities.

When you empty your life of old stories and open up to new possibilities, new possibilities have the space to rush in. So breath out, take that leap, clear the space, be present in the uncomfortability of the unknown. Both creatively and in life it’s okay not to know what comes next! With mystery comes possibility. When you empty yourself of everything you know you make room for everything you don’t know. And that’s when life gets interesting.

We humans like to hold onto what is familiar. We like to know what we know, and are sometimes fearful of the unknown. But what about adventure? What about creativity? Adventure and creativity both live the loudest in space. Aliens. Stars. Ether. The Unknown.

Time spent in the dark allows us to see the light.

Breathing out allows you to breathe in.




And dive in.


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