You sang me a lullaby and held my bones

The night lightning ripped apart our sky.

Then as the thunder roared

And I softly slept

You left for Oklahoma.


I awoke from my dream so frightened

A flood of raindrops filled my head.

I searched for your body

In the bed that we made

But you’d gone to Oklahoma.


My record skips

The needle won’t stay

Not again, again, again.


You place your call from a payphone

On some road between me and her.

The connection sizzles

Carrying a tempest of apologies

That I’m not ready to hear.


Electrical currents and broken heartbeats

Flicker through these brittle veins.

You chase the blue skies of Oklahoma

But a rose cannot not grow without rain.


The needle will catch.

My record will play.

And this storm

Will pass




-Rachel Montana 2013


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