A Love Letter from 2013

So just slow down. Too much fire will burn down her beautiful forests and the earthen floors that live within. Quiet yourself. Calm your mind. Trust. Love. Revel in the softness of the world. For she holds every security you will ever seek. Look to the green moss blanketing her trees. The quiet that she brings during a steady rainfall. Only she can teach you the language of ferns and speckled fawns.

In the forest you will discover the soft, quiet, depth of your very existence. You will meet memories of peace that reside deep in your soul. Let her overflowing creeks soothe your hot dreams. Let her stillness into your laugh, into your sadness, into your dreams. Tell your emotions about the scent of her cedar bows and the unparalleled nature of a new dawn.

I myself call for patience and slow burns. Honesty. I am drenched in silence as calculated spiders weave my web and the weight of the world sings my song.

I, too, am one drop of dew clung to my beloved blade of grass. The sunrise and also the sunset. I am the croaking frog and the falling rain. The rainbow in a reflection pool. A flock of doves and an army of pine trees. I am the shade of soft you will only find on the forest floor.

So please do not burn me. Do not ask me to rebuild.

For I am a home for all things living and breathing.

Slow. Smart. Trusting. Forgiving.

A steady fountain of love.


-Rachel Montana 2013


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